The Biggest Slot Games in Canada

Over the years, slot machines are gaining massive popularity in Canada, both on land-based casinos and online gaming casinos. Here are some of Canada’s top slot games if you are yet to try this casino gaming category.

Suppose you are new to this category of casino gaming. In that case, you can enjoy free slots on several slot machine games without downloading the entire website. This allows new players to find what they love and are willing to place money on. As a player, you could settle for either penny slots or numerous pay line machines that offer bonuses and jackpots.

So, what are some of the most popular slot games in Canada?

1. Starburst

A product of the game-developer giant NetEnt, Starburst, is undeniably one of the biggest slot games in the online gaming casinos in Canada and across the world.

The simplicity of the game, both mechanically and graphically, is one of the reasons why it is so popular. The graphics are arcade-style with a hint of throwback neon styling.

Starburst has fewer pay lines compared to most slot games offered in casinos, offering a maximum of 10 pay lines. Nevertheless, there are more ways to win at Starburst. The payouts are to consecutive symbols from left to right. However, it’s not mandatory for winning combinations to be on the first reel.

In terms of special features, Starburst has the wild symbol that increases the odds of a pay line win and expands the reel. Besides, you get a re-spin in a reel full of Starburst wilds.

2. Jack & the Beanstalk

If you are seeking a thrilling adventure, then NetEnt has just the right game for you. Jack & the beanstalk is an intense cinematic gaming experience that whisks you to a kingdom in the clouds, running from a two-headed giant alongside a hen, just like in the fairytale. But, the game has only just begun. Not only does the game have top-tier graphics, but the sound and music are off out of this world, literally.

As the game continues, you enjoy a harps and fairytale lutes background while a win gets a triumphant harmony. Besides, the free spins bonus round activates some great cut scenes with matching music to the spin tension. It’s really not hard to see why this game is such a favourite.

If you’re not excited yet, then the Walking Wild feature should get your blood running. This symbol earns a free spin where the wild will continue to cut its way across the reels. The scatter symbol is a treasure chest, and three or more elevate you to the next level- a magic vine lifts you to free spins in another cloudy realm.

Another exciting feature you shouldn’t miss out on is the Treasure Hunt that happens on a free spin. The more keys you collect, the more awards you earn.

3. Great Griffin

With millions of slot games released every month, it’s impossible to play each one of them. However, suppose you are seeking authenticity, simplicity, and max payouts. In that case, the Great Griffin slot game is what you should be playing.

Basically, this game’s playout is centred on a griffin that guards the treasure, and your goal is to get some it passed on to you. The game comes with 50 pay lines and 5 reels, fast gaining popularity in Canada. If you’re the type of player who’s not afraid to make large, risky wages, this is for you.

The game offers an alluring blend of top-tier graphics, great sound effects, and animations. Unlike most bright coloured graphics common to slot games, Great Griffin has sombre palettes to match a medieval setting. In the castle, warlocks and sorcerers trade while griffins fly around snatching whatever tickles their fancy.

However, this game can be a little expensive, and it’s probably not the best option for small wagers. The machine takes 1 cent and 10 cents, meaning that with 50 pay lines, the minimum bet is 50 cents.

Frankly, this game can be complicated and volatile, with too many games within a game. It requires a lot of patience and quick learning. Furthermore, the winnings are complicated, risky, and very unpredictable.

However, Great Griffin does offer a Gamble feature that you can play after a win. After a successful game, you are presented with the option of keeping your prize money or let them run on the turn of a card.

If a player selects the gamble option, they get a card facing down and are faced with two ultimatums. One, they could guess the colour of the card and double their money if they are correct, or they could guess the suit of the card and quadruple their money if they’re right.

4. Big Bang

Are you looking to explore the universe for a chance to make big wins? If so, NetEnt has outdone themselves again with a new gaming slot in a deep sci-fi theme. How cool is that?

Suppose you’ve played any game from NetEnt. In that case, you know that they deliver top-tier slot games in terms of graphics, sound effects, and simplicity. The Big Bang game comes with a space-age theme, and the music is tranquil interstellar that ramps to match a winning streak.

The game has 25 pay lines but lacks bonus rounds. However, this does not mean that you still can’t win big bucks. The game comes with progressive multipliers that can multiply your initial win 32 times more.

A win is not as complicated as it looks. All you have to do is win six spins in a row. Each simultaneous win earns you a Big Bang increasing multiplier. All probable multiplier levels display along with the reels, so you know how close the top prize is.

5. Mega Moolah

This slot game is fast gaining popularity in Canada, and it has an incredible feature of progressive quad jackpots that have earned it the nickname ‘Millionaire Maker.’ The jackpots are named Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega, with the latter offering one of the hugest jackpots for online casino gamers.

However, other factors make Mega Moolah a beloved slot game in Canada, so let’s dive in to find those fabulous features.

The game is a product of the game developers, Microgaming, which offers 25 paylines and 5 reels gaming platform. Compared to other slot games available in Canada, Mega Moolah pays out its progressive jackpot in single cash out. It is one thing to win the jackpot, and it is another to have it offered in bits over the years. Who has time for that?

Other than the progressives, the game offers Wilds and Scatters, with the lion operating as the wild and the monkey as the scatter. If you happen to hit two or three of them in a streak, your winning combinations triple, meaning you stand a chance to win big even regularly.

If you like to get things on the road, then you might have a little problem accessing most casino slot games without a desktop. This problem does not manifest with Mega Moolah because it comes with a separate mobile gaming app. the app is fully optimized, and it runs smoothly on all operating systems. However, the graphics cannot compare to an in-browser version.