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Reasons Why People Gamble in The Casinos

Casinos are a unique type of entertainment which provides the thrill of taking the risks which are unlike any other kind of sport or activity. There are several reasons why people love casino games, and thousands of them are regular visitors. Even after being one of the idlest gaming experience, people still spend tons of money every year on casino games, and here are the reasons why.

People want to beat the house

If you ask the real gamblers, they will tell that beating a friend in the game is not as exciting as beating the casino in their games. Casinos are known for the house edge, which means that no matter how many people win, they will always be making profits. This is because more people are losing casinos every day than the people who are winning. They are glad to accept money from the casino as they know that the casinos gladly accept theirs.

People like the attention

Gamblers enjoy playing in a crowd that is cheering them up while they are winning. Most of the casinos are always crowded during peak times. Most of the gamblers during this time are social gamblers who enjoy the attention they get from others. It is like a grand party or a festival that people in the casinos become a part of while they win big jackpots. The crowd controls the environment of any place, and in the casino, if you are a part of the crowd, you can actually have an unforgettable time.

Casinos offer a variety of games

You cannot get as many games to play on as you can get inside the casinos. Surely you can get the slot machines and the tables at your home to enjoy with your friends, but that will be way more expensive than going to a casino and actually getting more money back on winning. Moreover, you also get to play thousands of different varieties of slot machines in the casinos while you cannot fit more than a couple in your basement. Plus, you will also find all the latest slot games in the casinos to play for free (you only pay for the bets).


People can control the money

When people need to take a walk or drive to the casinos to gamble, they can actually control their money by carrying a limited amount. When they are playing at their home and have their credit card information fed into the online apps, they can lose track of how much money they are wasting. Professional gamblers carry nothing more than the gambling money they can afford for the day and always come out with at least a little left for dinner. Real casinos also payout instantly, so you do not have to keep all your winnings in your playing account and can use it for savings.

7 Things to Know About Casinos

Casinos have always surprised us by rewarding players with massive jackpots which turned the fortune for many. There have been instances where players have walked in with near to nothing, and have come out with millions in their pockets. But apart from the winnings, do we actually know any more about the casinos? Probably not. That is why we have listed ten things about casinos that you might not have known before.

Origin of casinos

Gambling was originated in Italy, but when they coined the term ‘Casino’, they did not mean it for the gambling house. It is derived from the word ‘casa’ which means house. During that time the term was also used for social clubs and summerhouses. Today when we say casino, we should take a moment to remember the ones who made it possible.

Biggest slot win

The biggest slot win in the history goes back to 2003 when an LA software engineer wagered $100 in the slot game “Megabucks” at the Excalibur Casino and received $39.7 Million. It is not a surprise that the destination of the win was Las Vegas, the sin city itself.

Biggest online slot win

Online slots are also not behind in offering big jackpots to players. Online slots generally play more than the real casino slot machines as they need less maintenance. They can invest more on the rewards and offer more bonuses to the players. The biggest ever win on online slots was recorded in 2013 when a player won 17.8 million euros.

Poker can be a second career

Many poker players have chosen poker as their primary profession after winning millions while they invested in real estates and other businesses. It is similar to becoming a sportsperson as poker also offers a lucrative career with major tournaments around the world.

The longest poker game

In history, the recorded time for the longest-lasting poker game was not in hours, weeks, or even months. The game lasted for eight years, five months, and three days. It was conducted in the year 1881 in the basement of a theatre located in Arizona. According to the records, the game accumulated a pool of $10 million.

The biggest roulette loser

A notorious figure in the 1980s, Robert Maxwell, had an interest in roulette games. But one evening in Les Ambassadeurs Club in Mayfair, Maxwell went on to lose 1.5 million euros in three minutes while playing on three tables at the same time. He is regarded as the biggest roulette loser, but as a multi-millionaire, he recovered the loss quite comfortably.

Slot Machines must pay 70%

Slot machines provide initials RTP which vary in different games. Return to player is a minimum of 70% in the slot machines. This means that for every 0.7 coins, the player will get one coin. The best slots can go up to 99% RTP on online casinos.